Bazzill Heritage 2 – Family Name / Clocks


by Bazzill Basics Paper Heritage Double-Sided Cardstock
Family Name / Clocks
This beautiful parchment colored family group paper is slightly textured, and is made to document your immediate family. It includes boxes (7.2cm x 5.6cm) for photos, and space to write your details. This sheet allows for parents, and 6 children. Apart from the usual Name, Birth & Place, Marriage & Place, and Death & Place, there are also lines to fill in ‘birth order’ and ‘other marriages’.
The back of this paper is decorated with a collage of antique clocks.
Part of the Bazzill Basics Heritage range, this heavy-weight paper is sold as a single sheet.
It is acid free and lignin free, and meaures true 12″x12

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