A Mystery of a Different Kind – Part 1

Who was Neil Simpson?

I am currently in the process of purging – going through all my “stuff”, and deciding what to keep or not to keep, that is the constant question.
Going through the book shelves seems a difficult task.
The collection is large – through of years of homeschooling and acquiring textbooks, novels and more for educational purposes, but also the results of attending auction sales.
There are no personal attachments to these books, but when I came across the following book, I wished it had belonged to one of my ancestors. To someone in my ancestry, who would have made such a statement of his or her faith, and the thought occurred to me, that someone in this person’s family might wish to know what his or her great-grandfather believed.
For this story the book itself is of no importance,  with a title “How to be Always Well” by Robert G. Jackson M.D.
In 1914, when Dr. Robert G. Jackson M.D. was in his 40s, he developed a severe case of arthritis (probably rheumatoid arthritis) and when he was 49, his doctors gave him four years to live. He refused to accept the diagnosis and began to exercise more and sleep with his bedroom windows open. Long before such things were popular, he developed a health food diet of fruits, vegetables and his own line of health foods including Roman Meal bread. This bread was fashioned after the multi-grain bread ate by the Roman legions and included wheat, barley, oats, spelt and rye. Disease,” he said, “was due solely to man’s stupidity.” The original publication date for this book was 1927.
When opening this book I was pleasantly surprised by the 2 pages of neat handwriting, and immediately I was intrigued. This person  (Neil Simpson, by his signature at the bottom of the page) wrote down his faith, and what he believed.

How often do we take the time to let others know what we believe, to pass on our faith to future generations. I want Neil Simpson’s family to know this about their forefathers. I want to know who this person was.
My first clues were on the inside cover of the book:

Date: May 1935
Name: Neil Simpson
Place: Winfield Alberta
Previous: Vancouver B.C.
I bought this book, along with several other books in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
So I would think that he would have had some connection with PEI.
Some of the other books I purchased in the same lot:
to be continued ………..