A Mystery of a Different Kind – Part 2

Some of the other books I purchased in the same lot:

– Surgical Nursing by Eliason Ferguson Lewis, published in 1929
inscribed with Ella B. Simpson, P.C. Hospital, Summerside, Jan. 19, 1930

– Obstetrics for Nurses by De Lee, published in 1929
(This book has the name Ella Simpson (Jan. 15, 1930)- Prince County Hospital, Summerside – as well as Mrs. Vaughn Groom Jan. 16, 1936),
Summerside, P.E.I.

–  Nervous Stomach Troubles by Joseph F. Montague, M.D. published in 1940, inscribed with Vaughn Groom, Sept. ’48

– Intestinal Ills by Alcinous B. Jamison, M.D., published in 1917, inscribed with Mr+s. Vaughn Groom, Summerside, P.E.I.

– The Canada Book of Prose and Verse, 25th printing in 1948, inscribed with
Alfred Groom.

– Julius Caesar, inscibed with Donald Groom, Water Street East, Summerside, Grade XIC (??)

From this I could conclude, that Ella B. Simpson was born around 1910, and married Vaughn Groom between 1930 and 1936, and lived in Summerside, P.E.I. and could possibly have sons named Alfred and Donald.

From here I googled the “Vaughn Groom Summerside” and came up with the following information
Vaugham Harry Groom, born Jan. 6, 1906 was born in Moncton, N.B. and died Jun 21, 1993, Summerside, P.E.I.
on 18 Sep 1935 he married Ella B. Simpson, who was born 8 Aug 1908, Kensington, , Prince Edward Island, Canada and died 7 Jan 2000, Summerside, , Prince Edward Island, Canada  (Age 91 years)
They had 2 sons:
Alfred Vaughan Groom
Donald Richard Groom
This site does tell who the parents of Vaugham Groom were, but not who Ell’a Parents were.
I googled “Ella Belle Simpson” and came across a story in the Guardian
“Lofty Life” by Jim Day, published Oct. 6, 2007, which backs up a lot of the information all have so far, including the impact that the Groom family had in Summerside as well “Pole Vaulting”.
Next I found the Island Register “The Descendants of Walter Simpson and Elspet Man

William George Simpson b. Jan 20 1869, m. (1) Nov 20 1895, Janie Profit, b. Jan 1868, Spring Valley, PEI., d. Sep 26 1920, Interred: Kensington People’s Cemetery, P.E.I., Note: Resided, Kensington, PEI., m. (2) ___ 1924, Alberta Mabel Woolner, b. ___ 1878, d. ___ 1957,.
(Janie was the daughter of Richard Profit, of Spring Valley, PEI)

Children by Janie Profit:
1. Annie Florence Simpson b. Oct 09 1897,

2. Richard P. Simpson b. Feb 25 1900,

3. Jennie Vesta Simpson b. Apr 03 1903,

4. Ella Belle Simpson b. Aug 08 1908, m. Vaughn Harry Groom, b. Jan 06 1909.

I had assumed that Ella’s father would be Neil Simpson, however, that does not seem to be the case.
On the same site going back one generation, I find that Ella’s father William George Simpson is the son William John Simpson and has a brother named Neill, who was born in 1876.

William John Simpson b. ___ 1832, m. Mar 21 1865, Helen (Ellen) Jane Clark, b. Jan 01 1841, (daughter of Andrew Clark and Sophianna Elizabeth Charlotte Bagnall) d. Jun 05 1915, Note: Resided, Cavendish, PEI. William died Oct 24 1899, Note: Resided, Cavendish, PEI. William John and Helen had 6 sons and 3 daughters. Helen: According to Lucy Maud Montgomery, her journals, Vol 2, Page 167, Helen died of cancer.


1.Winchester Simpson d. +. Winchester died in University.

2. John Simpson Note: Unm., Resided, Vancouver,

3. Lincoln Simpson b. Apr 18 1865, d. Jun 15 1951, Unm., Resided, BC.

4. William George Simpson b. Jan 20 1869.

5.  Ella Simpson b. Jul 1875, d. Apr 24 1966.

6.  Janie Simpson.

 7.  Neil Simpson b. ___ 1876.

8. Lottie Simpson Note: Unmarried.

This Neil Simpson :
Neil Simpson b. ___ 1876,
m. Sarah Margaret M’Leod,
Note: Resided, Vancouver, BC. Neil died Aug 05 1940,


1. Evelyn Catherine Simpson m. Hugh M’Kechnie, Occupation: Doctor.

2. Eric MacLeod Simpson m. Aubrey Hicks. Eric and Aubrey had 1 son and 2 daughters.

3. William Wesley Simpson Occupation: Phd., m. Kathleen Solloway. William Note: William and Kathleen had 2 sons.

4. Norman Simpson m. Minna Hughes, Note: Resided, Seattle, Wa. Norman Note: Resided, Seattle, Wa. Norman and Minna had 3 daughters.

For more information I will look into the Canadian Census.
To be continued……