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  1. Don Spangler July 7, 2018 at 9:34 pm Permalink

    Yes, we probably are related but in a nearby branch. My interest is in identifying the home and the mother and father of our immigrant ancestor. We highly suspect he came from Hans Rudolf’s line and from Weiler, but have not made the exact identification.

    I notice in Jordan’s genealogical tree he shows an ancestor of Jonas, b. 1715 from Hans Kasper (son of Hans Rudolf, b. 1651) who immigrated to America in 1727. My ancestor was George Christian Spangler, b. ca 1728 and he arrived on the Ship Jacob, October 2, 1749. I note that your ancestor, Jonas was born within 13 years of Christian and consequently wonder whether you might have any further information regarding Jonas’ siblings or his near cousins from any of the other Hans Kaspar brothers.

    My understanding is that your Hans Kaspar had four brothers who did not immigrate to America: Johannes, b. 1679, Rudolf, b.1696, Jacob, b. 1698, and Joh Henry, b. 1703.
    Any of those might have been, or might have produced, parents of our George Christian – or it might have been one of the contemporaries of your Jonas. Gets interesting, doesn’t it?

    I have questions for the Jordan who posted on the Scrapbook page: “Our Ancestors,” – “Jordan’s Ancestors.” I would like Jordan to please contact me
    at: My name is Don Spangler

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