A Piece of my History

Living across the ocean from where my history is, is sometimes difficult. I sometimes long to see the places where my ancestors lived, made their home, the churches where they were married, had their children baptized and buried their dead. It is so much more than just names and dates, to actually walk where they walked and see what they saw.

Because of the internet, searching for your ancestors has become much easier – especially sharing and using the information that others have already done.

I too have all of my family tree online as well,

Today I received an e-mail from Hendrik Heerschop from Tjalhuizum in Friesland. He happened to come upon my family tree and found some names that were familiar to him. He had worked on the restoration of a gravestone of one of my ancestors, and wondered if I would like some pictures of it.

Thank you very much Hendrik Heerschop