Images for my Genealogy Charts

I am a little OCD about adding photos to my pedigree and family group charts. I like them to be the same size, the same coloration, etc.
Many years ago, a found Photoscape, a free online program. Once downloaded it is easy to use, not very complicated and great for the purposes I need it for. You can resize photos to any size you want, add text and label your photos, crop photos, combine photos, and print photos to any size you desire.
Your first step, if you have not already done so, is to scan all your old family photos into your computer (most printers have to ability to scan, store them on a memory stick and transfer images onto your computer into a separate folder, so they will always be easy to find.
Always keep your original photos in a safe place, away from the sun.
Download Photoscape onto your computer. Once you open the program,, choose the “Edit” option. It will show the all the folders in your top left.
Choose the folder that contains your images. The content of the chosen folder will show at the bottom left. Click on desired image image, which will appear on your screen

Crop the area you want to use, click crop, and then “save as” with a new title for the new image. This will preserve the first image.

I then use the same wedding picture and go through the same process to crop out a picture of the bride.
I did this with all the images of my ancestors to create a collection of portraits which I can use on my genealogy charts.
Go to print, if you need images for your chart.
Set up printer with paper size.
Choose amount of columns and rows, as well as the size of the intervals.
Drag your images onto the screen, choose grayscale or sepia or leave original colors. Print. 

Download Photoscape

There may be better ways to do this, but this works for me 🙂