Doublemates Cardstock 8.5″X11″ – Heritage Family


by WorldWin
8.5″ x11″   Doublemates Cardstock
Color: Heritage Family

DoubleMates is two sheets of cardstock in one. 90 lb. card stock
Acid & Lignin free

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Heritage Family
Doublemates Cardstock 8.5″X11″
DoubleMates is two sheets of cardstock in one.
Each DoubleMates cardstock sheet is two cardstock sheets laminated together to form a single sheet with an embossed texture on both sides with light and dark shades of the same color on either side.
The end result is a premium cardstock of unmatched beauty and versatility. DoubleMates is a solid color cardstock so there is no unsightly white core and DoubleMates cardstock is available in your local craft stores.
Elegant Embossed Surface
DoubleMates card stock has a subtle embossed texture of sublime beauty and feel. DoubleMates are ideal for use with rubber stamps and rub-on transfers and can be easily laser or inkjet printed.
Terrific Tearing
Just tear any DoubleMates sheet and witness for yourself the incredible multi-colored deckle edge effect that you’ll get. No need to ink or chalk the edges for contrast, DoubleMates automatically gives you stunning deckle edges beyond compare.
Marvelous Molding
Imagine molding a sheet of card stock into virtually any dimensional shape and creating your own 3-D embellishments.
You can with DoubleMates!
Just dampen a sheet and form it into whatever shape you desire. When dry, you’ll have a rigid and lasting piece of art, only with DoubleMates cardstock.
Beautiful and Consistent Color
DoubleMates card stock is acid-free, lignin-free and elemental chlorine free so your creations can last for generations to come. DoubleMates cardstock is made without the use of any artificial brighteners, giving you vibrant and fade-resistant colors.

What makes DoubleMates cards stock even more special is the amazing crafting characteristics that no other cardstock can match.
DoubleMates Card Stock Benefits
• 90 lb. card stock
• No optical brighteners for long lasting consistent color cardstock
• Archival quality-acid free, lignin free and chlorine free card stock
• Excellent results with stamping inks, inkjet and laser printing






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