Faith Books & Spiritual Journaling: Expressions of Faith Through Art


by Sharon Soneff
From illustrated prayer books and altered hymnals to raw expressions of devotion to God through paint, pen and paper, Faith Books & Spiritual Journaling offers a personal glimpse into projects that truly elevate the soul. Author Sharon Soneff and a band of artful contributors explore how these simply constructed books, journals, and paper craft techniques can produce work that is profoundly meaningful, serving to deepen and even transform your faith. With practical and helpful advice at the beginning of every chapter provided by Mindy Caliguire, a noted Christian women’s leader and author, you are sure to feel both equipped and inspired to craft your own faith book, yielding a dynamic combination of internal spiritual growth and outward artistic growth

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by Sharon Soneff
Keeping a faith journal is more and more encouraged by Christian-based support and community groups. And it is an activity which is commonly promoted and encouraged by many of the large contemporary churches. Faith Books and Spiritual Journaling is an artistic, how-to project book for the Christian audience, illustrating a wide range of book arts projects geared toward exploring, growing, and documenting the spiritual side of life through journaling and scrapbook projects. Each project offers inspiration and instruction for creative expressions of prayer, worship, meditation, and devotion. The content is comprehensive as well as inspiring and includes information on what a faithbook actually is, and the purposes and benefits of a keeping a faithbook. The projects are divided by type of book including prayer books, worship books, scripture books, group study books, and spiritual event scrapbooks. Details, covers, techniques, and themes provide the reader with a complete and inspirational volume, with projects and insights from experienced and up-and-coming book and paper artists.

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