Planting Your Family Tree Online


by Barbara Renick
National Genealogical Society Guides
Genealogy 101 is the first book to read when you want to discover who your ancestors were, where they lived, and what they did.
This practical guide to basic principles of family research gives you step-by-step instructions to:
-Get started on your family tree with a straightforward and fun process;
-Clarify your goals and decide what you want to learn first;
-Assemble information needed to identify your ancestors;
-Keep your findings organized;
-Choose the best genealogy software:
-Find your ancestors in other countries;
-Preserve your family’s history and heritage

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by Cyndi Howells

National Genealogical Society Guides

Planting Your Family Tree Online is designed to take you step-by-step through the process of
creating a genealogy Web site.
When people begin their genealogical adventure, they usually interview elderly members of the family and contact other family members. The next step is usually one of organization of the information collected. The third step is usually to share this information with other family members, traditionally by publishing research in a book. However, a family Web site has numerous advantages:

  • It is interactive so others can contribute their stories and pictures.
  • It will help you find long-lost relatives.
  • It is an ideal way to preserve research for the entire family.
  • It will break down the walls that have stumped you in your research.
  • It recognizes that family research is an ongoing process,
  • ISBN 13: 9781401600228
  • ISBN 10:   1401600220
  • Publisher: Rutledge Hill Press
  • Language: English
  • Pages:    272

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