Estate Sale Finds – Dr. Harold Stewart

A real life auction sale is just as exciting, if not more, than an online auction. Everyone is there for the same reason, to bid on and purchase items for the least amount of money. After attending a few of these auction, you see the same familiar faces.
You get to know those that own stores, whether antique or collectibles, those that come to bid on one specific item and those that come for entertainment. People know each other, they come prepared with coffee from the nearby Tim Hortons or Robins and die-hards come prepared with lunch.
This one was no exception. Interested buyers rummaging through boxes, turning over merchandise for recognizable marks, getting a bidding number and finding the best seats.
The main contents of this particular auction was that of the estate of the late Harold Stewart, dentist from Kensington, and other items from other estates.

My purchases:

I find it always so sad, when photographs are auctioned off; no one to claim that family member as one of their ancestors. Probably treasured by those that lived and knew their stories, but unimportant to those that are left, because they do not know who they are and have no connection.
So, I bought these photographs with the intent of finding out who they were.
This purchase consisted of 3 black and white photographs, depicting 3 different soldiers. Only the largest frame (8″x 10″) had information on the back:
“Gordon Dewar – killed in England”
The other 2 no names or dates, even after I disassembled the frame at home)
Click here to read about
– “The Story of Gordon Dewar
– (Un)Known Soldier 2 and His Uniform
– Unknown Soldier 3

2. Ice Boat Crossing - Ticket

Genuine Original Passenger Ticket for ice boat crossing between Cape Tormentine (NB) and Cape Traverse (PEI)